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Besides optimization of the route network and maximizing the profitability, one of the main objectives for any airline is reduction and rigid control of direct operational costs is. It demands effective business processes and effective information System, regarding an airline production activity in real time to provide the persons making decisions, an exact and solid data.Meridian.

Meridian.Alliance - the new generation of Integrated operations platform, which is addressed to an extremely serious and sensitive to the cost segment of the airline. Meridian.Alliance a unique combination of enterprise resource planning systems, Decision Support Systems, Process Automation Systems, Control Systems and Systems document.

Meridian.Alliance as the modern supported information technology, can be built in lek existing infrastructure of airline. Is the profitable integrated solution constructed on the modular principle, scaled and adjusted.

The structure of system includes the following modules:

Main objective of Meridian.Alliance is effective management of processes and the resources necessary for safe production of flights, seeking for unification and direct operational costs reduction.